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Growing up in Los Angeles, telling  stories with pictures

comes with the territory.


My name is Bianca Dorso.  i am a photographer living at

"THE BREWERY", an art community in downtown Los Angeles.

I am an American photographer.


Early on i worked as a motion picture costumer.  While 

doing research for a movie, I found Walker Evans, William

Chirstianberry, and the WPA photographers.  The emotion

coupled with the quietude of their work stunned me.


I grew up in Los Angeles when it was wild and 'the west'.

The combination of country and neon, movies and swimming

pools left an indelible mark on me.  This body of work is my

representation of 'the west' that was and 'the west' as it is now.




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Guestbook for bianca dorso
6.Tami MorrissTamiey(non-registered)
I love your work and I am so fortunate to know you and live next to you and see your new work when it happens.
3.Stewart Hopkins Photography(non-registered)
I love your work. The patterns, the subject choices, the juxtapositions. It's all great. Wonderful to see you. Keep it up!
Hello! I had the great pleasure of viewing your work during the Art Walk through the Brewery Blocks. The shot of the edge of the pool with the blue tiles caught my eye then, and I returned to your website today to take another look. It is as stunning and evocative as I remember. Thank you so much for sharing your work, and your studio space. While it's not in my budget now, I hope that someday soon it is!
1.Nicole Lucas Haimes(non-registered)
Dear Bianca,

Your photographs are beautiful, playful and evocative. I am particularly fond of the abstract ones. Your work has grown and is blossoming.

Lots of love,
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